Visual design, code, day-to-day art direction, content management, & ad opportunity creation for a site about film.

In the 1990s, Movieline was a widely-loved source of snark-flavored film journalism. In 2010, PMC Media bought the brand and commissioned us to bring it back from the dead, for which we built a CMS and interface to bring its flavor of journalism into the 21st century, with art & tone direction for each day’s posts and photography. The site featured a daily-changing suite of features, thoughtful film reviews, analysis of film technology and direction, and several live events celebrating upcoming talent.

Movieline’s CMS featured a proprietary ad delivery and measurement system supporting PMC’s internal ad sales team, ad buyout site skins, popover layers for film premiers and events, and section buyouts. We also created an awards season feature, called Statuesque, an Upfronts Week feature called TVLine, and a weekly print roundup available for subscription. Movieline ran from 2010 to 2013, at which point TVLine was spun off into its own brand.

Project categories: Brand Development, Code

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