Nick Denton

Founder & Publisher, Gawker Media

“Best graphic designers we ever worked with.”

Choire Sicha

Editor, New York Magazine

“Pretty is a unique shop. They aren’t like those designers and engineers who swoop in to build what they want; their goal is to build your ideal product, while saving you from all the usual pain and hassle of bold schemes gone wrong. They make the worst thing in the world into fun.”

Carla Borsoi

VP Marketing, Patreon

“The best part of working with Pretty is having our customers say how much they love the work. They say “oh that logo is so nice,” or “that’s so modern,” which gives me warm fuzzies inside.”

Charles Runnette

Editorial Director, Movieline

“Pretty were on point, innovative and a pleasure to work with as we relaunched Movieline. Their taste and technological know-how has been invaluable.”

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