Gawker Media

from 2005 to 2011, we designed and built all of Gawker Media's notorious news sites, and developed all Gawker's branding for every site. Not every site still remains online, but those which do still retain the brands we developed for them. These are a few of our favorites.

io9 is Gawker's title devoted to futuristic optimism. We developed alien typography for the brand—inflated, rounded letters with a pink gloss reaching heavenwards, and a slight sheen of rust facing the planet.
Gizmodo is Gawker's tech-obsessed title, for which we built ethereal chrome typography, developed from Tobias Frere-Jones' iconic Gotham family of typefaces.
Kotaku focuses on gaming culture, so we gave it a signature based in hyper-aggresive Japanese-derived forms, rendered in low-poly hot pink.
Fleshbot, which is no longer part of Gawker Media, was an attempt to civilize sex-focused media. One effort involved creating a film label for rare pornography, like this: an almost-never seen Ed Wood film from the early 1970s. We gave Fleshbot's futuristic logo some classic touches, and set it against very readable book and interface design for the project packages.

Project categories: Custom Type, Brand Development

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