Billy Sunday

Billy Sunday is a cocktail bar from Chef Matthias Merges in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood, helmed by Creative Director and Jean Banchet Award-winner Alex Bachman, featuring pre-Prohibition cocktails and light fare. Pretty created Billy Sunday's branding, sales materials, menu and events site, advertising and social media messaging, beginning with austere typography based on broadsheets and posters of the early 20th century. We developed the bar's voice to be flip but knowledgeable—professionals with a sense of mischief. Billy's menu design got a bit of notice in Grub Street, a nice nod to an element of the restaurant experience that usually goes ignored. The bar's named after Chicago Enemy #1, the Reverend Billy Sunday, who criticized the city's drinking habits endlessly (never mind his own widely-know adultery).

Logotype, a custom-drawn Bodoni.
Cards are letterset & foil-stamped on one side, offset printed on the other, on 1/16" cotton stock.
Coasters with custom patterning printed with single-color letterpress at Accucolor.
Site typography scaling is automated via JavaScript to echo typesetting of printed drink menus.
Typography for printed menus was carefully designed to allow an identical effect for online menus.
"Amaro, I Love You" is a series of limited-seat tastings of the Italian herbal liqueur.
Grilly Sundays introduced the bar's punnier side for summer al fresco Sunday brunch.
Billy's Toms is a yearly event with dishes & cocktails made from tomatoes grown in the bar's garden.
This announcement for holiday parties makes clear the bar's attitude towards the status quo.
Silent Stills was the first of a very successful tasting series of extinct and rare Scottish whiskeys.

Project categories: Brand Development, Messaging, Web & Mobile

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