Visual direction, website, content management system, messaging & delivery for an izakaya

Yusho's site is a riot of color and motion, to reflect its roots in the urban environment.
Typography is bold and powerful, rendered in a hierarchy of color leading the eye through item, description, and price.
Ads for events are a riot of bold Japanese-inflected color and store-sign typography over abstract backgrounds.
A video game's worth of color and lights for Yusho's New Year's Eve celebrations in 2013.
Railyards & lanterns in the background, shot through with light and brilliant color for a sake tasting.

From the restaurant’s inception in 2011 to 2014, Pretty designed and communicated in public as Yusho, one of a series of restaurant concepts setting up camp in Chicago’s Avondale neighborhood. Executive Chef Matthias Merges, just off 15 years of experience as Chef de Cuisine at Charlie Trotter, imagined an elevated izakaya with balanced cocktails and Chicago-meets-Japan small bites. For the restaurant’s website, our typography and imagery conveyed that duality of urban lives with a mixture of typefaces from Chicago’s bawdy early 20th century and color from contemporary Japanese magazines developed into a custom template, built on WordPress and managed in-house.

Project categories: Messaging, Brand Development, Code

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