Radius Global Market Research

Unifying structure, color, form, & universal playability for a marketing intelligence agency's sales tools.

In this sales site, a simple home screen lists studies. Once inside a study, a right arrow moves to the next slide, up or a click of the logo returns to this screen. Visit radius.houseofpretty.com
Each case study states its problem clearly.
Charts and graphics are clearly laid out, with a fixed palette of company colors, and a single type family.
We took opportunities to inject humor into the graphics whenever possible.
We took care to make graphics as narrative as possible. For example: this collection of candy packets represents a candy manufacturer's portfolio and shows its change over time in this case study.

Stauber Brand Studio came to us with an interesting problem for their client Radius Global Market Research: is it possible to create a browser-accessible sales presentation?

Radius management had found that, lacking a central repository for sales materials, their team was creating one-off PPT presentations without brand guidelines or consistent statistics.

to that end, we worked with SBS to design, animate, and deploy 26 case studies, all based on the brand guidelines SBS had put into place.

Now, every case study has a consistent narrative structure, cohesive and brand-correct visual design, and reliable statistics and facts to underscore Radius’ strengths across a broad range of customer issues.

The presentation is built, for ease of deployment and usage, in HTML and animated CSS. It can be viewed from any modern browser and played with keyboard commands. A simple home screen lists studies. Once inside a study, right arrow moves to the next slide, up or down arrow to go home. See the project here.

Project categories: Messaging, Code

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