Open Transcripts

Curation, transcription and a site to share interesting thought, which otherwise would be lost.

Open Transcripts unlocks and shares interesting thought about the humanities that’d otherwise be left to moulder on YouTube or Vimeo. In many cases, conference presenters try to openly share video presentations after the conference is over-but that’s usually done with the absolute minimum of effort.

The result is that academic conference video channels and podcast channels become a junkpile of poor sound, poor camerawork, poor presentation, incorrect text, and un-findable content. But with effort, that information can be made openly available.

This project is essentially translational. Spoken and written English are different from each other in ways that only people can figure out, so an easy-to-understand transcript of a presentations is very different from YouTube’s automated solution. The transcripts on Open Transcripts are hand-edited to remove unnecessary langugae (“um,” “you know?”) and re-unite sentences fragments in cases where an author’s circled back to a previous thought.

All presentations are selected because their license is set as Creative Commons, open to sharing and re-presentation. Visit Open Transcripts to find something interesting you wouldn’t have otherwise. The project’s open to support on Patreon, and easy to follow on Twitter.

Project categories: Messaging, Code, Critique

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