About us

Pretty brings unconventional, theatrical thinking to brand development through visual, written, and coded works specific to your messages.

You’ll get beautifully thought out and constructed brands and sites for both mobile and desktop, social media messages, and communications by both print and email.

We operate as a sounding board. We help you to gain greater clarity in your brand meaning and message, for yourself and for your audience.

Begun in 2002 and incorporated in 2006, Pretty is Patric King & Su.

Patric King

Type Design, Branding, Imagecraft, & Writing

PK is a designer with a head for language, type and organization; he began his career with Thirst in 1994. While there, he built the studio’s type foundry, and managed its online works. In 1999, he took a position with Leapnet to create a continuing education program for its 40 designers, then began Pretty in 2002.


Code, Writing, Technical research

Su is a digital native and restless polymath. He built Gawker Media’s original thirteen titles in five design generations, has served as a technical advisor to Adobe, developed a multi-lingual technical strategy for Pentagram Partners’ online publishing, and is constantly involved in research of the culture of the web.

We incorporate our personal explorations into our professional work, bringing you novel ideas with lively brand narratives, new typeface design, vibrant imagecraft, and innovative code.

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